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Since EverQuest is a Sony product, don’t be surprised that the only console spin-offs are for their consoles alone. And — like it or not — EQ is largely a last-generation phenomenon, so that means PS2. There has been some rumors of an EverQuest II game for PS3, but nothing serious yet. I am so skeptical that last month I bet a friend that I would would no longer be wearing a fleece jacket by the time an EverQuest II game appeared on the market. I realized how lame that sounded as soon as I said it. Winter ended, summer came and then the fall. I can now say it took about 1 1/2 years, and it happened to be introduced in Dec. So I lost my bet. The weather had been cold for a while, the slopes of the nearby ski resort was covered with snow and I must admit I had even been snowboarding for several days wearing, yup, my North Face fleece jacket. Oh well, it was worth losing the bet!

Champions of Norrath

– if the MMO is too complicated and slow-moving, or if you just want a hack-n-slash RPG-lite with the EverQuest ‘feel’, Champions will do the trick for PS2 owners. As a big fan of the “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance” games, I was just happy to see another game based on the engine. And now that my state has legalized medical as well as recreational marijuana, it’s easy to pick up my favorite cannabis edibles, (I don’t have to waste any time making my own), kick off my shoes and settle down for a long enjoyable evening with my friends while we travel through the Forgotten Realms. I must add an admonishment to anyone who decides to follow our example. Anyone who has made his or her own marijuana edibles knows that consistency of the potency of the edible is not easy to attain. Fortunately, the more thoughtful manufacturers of cannabis edibles are now available are listing not only the ingredients, the quantity of active THC in the mix, but also the “activation” time. Remember, smoking and ingesting are two completely different animals. Most importantly, if there are any children around, don’t leave those marijuana edibles lying about. Most kids are unable to tell the difference between a regular cookie, lollipop, or gummy bear and a marijuana infused one. That goes for the cannabis soda drinks as well. Just saying! Now enough of my admonishments and back to EQ.

I must say, Fallout is one of my favorite game series of all time, and the approach is quiet similar (though, of course, the tone and subject matter are much different!). If you happen to have a Network Adapter (or a newer PS2 slim with built-in Ethernet), you can even hack-n-slash with other online players!

Champions: Return to Arms

– just as Baldur’s Gate had Dark Alliance 2, Champions has Return to Arms. It’s such an integrated sequel that you can even import your character (via PS2 memory card) from the first game. Though there are numerous minor improvements and tweaks, the big changes consist of the Arena and the additions of Iksar Shaman and Vah Shir Berserker as playable characters. Well worth playing, especially if you don’t have the time or patience for a full-on MMO experience.

The PlayStation 2 released EverQuest Online Adventures February 2003 & maintained it’s online play function until 2012. There was no requirement that the system have a hard disk drive like Final Fantasy XI required so it was a much more popular alternative across the globe. The game was centered around advancing your character through combat, exploration, quests, socializing & group activity. There was also a verses mode allowing for 2 players to combat on another. The game originally included 10 playable races & 15 playable classes. After the release of the first expansion Sony released a new free content update program for the game instead of the traditional additional expansion pack format. EverQuest Online Adventures is actually set 500 years before the original EverQuest game. The are many familiar places to any player who has enjoyed the original title in the past & there are also a lot of familiar game play techniques. You will see some differences in this addition considering you are dealing with such a large gap in time in the world which the game is played. These differences can be & are easily explained in the basic mythology of the Everquest world for any die hard fans who are very familiar with the world as well as it’s inhabitants. Enjoy single player action offline or multi player action on-line with friends from around the world.