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I certainly did not want to come home and find a stray cat or dog occupying my premises, let along a wild critter! I must admit I just added the EverQuest dog tag to the color that came with the electronic dog door rather than having one custom made like my friend.

As the 1990’s progressed, online gaming began to be less of an esoteric niche, and enough people had powerful enough computers and fast (enough) connections. The first real multiplayer sensation was Ultima Online, which attracted hundreds of thousands of players after its launch in 1997. Korean RPGs such as Nexus TK were bringing in even more players, but largely failed to achieve the global recognition of the biggest Western games until years later, with games such as Lineage and Ragnarok Online.

However, from 1999 to 2001, EverQuest passed Ultima Online and becameĀ  THE online RPG to play. Offering a full – 3D experience (unlike isometric Ultima or sprite – based Asian RPGs) as well as a more thorough social and economic structure, EverQuest was several years (or at least six months) ahead of its time.

Though games like Asheron’s Call and Dark Age of Camelot (and Lineage II, in Asia and elsewhere) gave EverQuest a serious run for the money, EverQuest maintained its hold on the top spot until the next generation of MMORPGs, when a MMORPG based on a series of popular RTS games achieved a level of popularity that even EverQuest could never have imagined.

EverQuest can be called the game that started it all. There is no other MMO that matches the content that is offered by EverQuest. There are 19 expansions plus the original game. EverQuest is enjoying it is 14th year & continues to add captivating storytelling, immersive game play & exciting worlds that are full of adventure & mystery.
You can play EverQuest your way, for free. Come join an amazing community which is unlike any other you may have seen. You will immerse yourself in your surroundings with hundreds of zones to play in, thousands of creatures to battle & entire quests waiting to be accomplished. Join the fun, come see online game play the way it should be legendarily epic.

By 2002, EverQuest’s popularity had peaked and gamers were starting to demand a bit more from their subscription fees. Bandwidth and computer power had risen sharply, so the capabilities were much higher than in 1998, when the original game had been designed.

The answer: EverQuest II. Sporting breathtaking graphics and greatly – expanded social and communication options (including voice chat!). I remember looking at the fine details of the interiors of some of the rooms.

(There is much more info to come in the following pages. Hopefully, it will be of great use to you.)