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* Real Money for Game Play Objects *
There has been much criticism on the subject of real world money being spent to purchase EverQuest items. Often this transaction is made through E-bay & is very hard to track or stop even though it seems to be Frowned upon by the developers of the game. Virtual currency has an exchange rate to real world currency because items can be traded within the game. This allows for a window of opportunity that some people act upon to sell the items directly for cold hard cash. In 2002 it was estimated that EverQuest was the 77th richest country in the world in GDP on a per capita basis. EverQuest came in above India as well as The People’s Republic of China when it ranked between Russia & Bulgaria. Some companies even took advantage & started creating players then building their power levels sufficiently to sell on the open market for a profit. Again, this is frowned upon but since the game designers allow for players to purchase items from one another for real world money through the servers they control for a fee it would be very hard to forbid the practice in other venues.

* Mystere *
In October of 2000 a well publicized event took place when a player known as Mystere (as well as another lesser known character) posted an original story line & posted it to a private server. The player was banned from the game for life for the storyline which contained the rape of a young dark elf character. This was very controversial because the designers of the game had similarly dark content in other areas of the game. This controversial content has also since been removed from the game by the designers but they still insist the players actions warranted the ban & they intend to stick with the decision.

* Alcohol and Marijuana *
Some wonder if alcohol and marijuana will end up as recreational options for your characters in the game. There are already so many personalized, and novel additions to this online world. It seems that the majority of the users wouldn’t be opposed to this idea. Alcohol already is such a common thread in many games, but not necessarily as a positive. Where as marijuana has far more positive implications. Considering the amount of good and beneficial information in regards to forms of this substance, such as edible marijuana, hash, or smoke-able marijuana. Perhaps there will be a character who receives powers from cannabis plant itself!

* Addiction *
Everquest has been accused by some psychologists possibly as having an addictive effect on people. The players themselves sometimes refer to EverQuest as Ever – Crack due to the seeming addictive qualities the game possesses. There was one death which was closely related to EverQuest gameplay. This topic is heavily debated because the mother of the young man named Shawn Woolley who committed suicide claims the game played a major role in the event. The game was found to be on after the suicide was discovered but there were previously diagnosed underlying mental health issues as well. Either way it led to the creation of Online Gamers Anonymous by his mother.

* Brazil *
In October 2008 a judge in Brazil found the game to be unfit for play. The entire Brazilian territory restricted the sell of the game. The reasons given were that the players had a loss of moral virtue & that gameplay takes them into heavy psychological conflicts.