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Welcome to EQRPG, a site that deals with everything EverQuest!

We’ve got information about all of the major (and some of the minor) iterations of the game, whether you’re an old-school die-hard still frequenting the original game servers, a console gamer struggling with Champions of Norrath, or a fan of the pen-and-paper EverQuest RPG, you’re in good company here.

[The editors were certain that the character in this animation is wearing a hairpiece modeled from a similar wig found at an online Raquel Welch wigs web store. Amore wigs are really quite stunning with a vast variety of styles. Eve Jackson, our own designer who is into all types of wigs, pointed out the exact wig in the store’s home page that displays all the gorgeous styles. Go look for the Amore wig called Brandy which is a lovely, long smooth hair below-the-shoulder look, with extra long layers sculptured to frame the face and see if you agree. Most animation is modeled on either real people, or on other animation references, and while wigs may be needed for actors, only the look is needed for animated characters, but that look has to be believable. We suspect that that animator might be a wig buyer or has a girlfriend that buys Amore wigs. Perhaps she had even bought the Brandi wig that then inspired the look. We’ll never know, but I am going to start looking more closely at some of those avatars’ hairdos.]

Oh, by the way: the great SOE Fan Faire will be held in Las Vegas (again) this year; August 5th – 8th, at Bally’s Las Vegas. No tickets on sale yet, but we hear that will happen very soon. If it’s anything like last year, there will be dramatic announcements and sneak peaks, giveaways and forums outside the game, and plenty of tournaments, competitions, and quests in the game. We all had a blast at last year’s convention (just check the official website for pics…but we won’t tell you which pics are of us!).

I can’t believe it’s actually been a year, so much has gone down. I’m thrilled that my best pal, Zek is back with us. After finding a new drug to treat alcoholics for his father that actually did what it purported it could do, Zek got his life. I’ve gotta tell you, his life was chaotic due to his father’s excessive drinking bouts. We all knew Zek liked to disappear into the world of EverQuest to escape the harsh realities of real life. But this med called baclofen actually help stop his father’s downward spiral. Not sure how it works but Zek says it has something to do with the drugs action on the GABA receptors in the brain may help lessen cravings and withdrawal symptoms for alcohol. Weird since baclofen originally was developed to help relieve painful spasm, automatism, as well as clonus from a number of neurological diseases associated with spasm of the skeletal muscles. It is only relatively recently doctors are using it to treat excessive drinking. Whatever. It worked and Zek has emerged from his metaphysical cave to join us on our trek to Las Vegas this year.

March 9th Update: the Convorteum Zone of Underfoot went live today (oh, so there WAS a reason for the server downtime…). Underfoot is certainly giving us a new appreciation for the game, as well as plenty of fascinating things to see and do. Stay tuned for a more detailed review as soon as we get an up-close and personal chance!

March Update: Of course, it’s the 11th Anniversary of EverQuest…not as big of a deal as last year, of course, but we’re still pretty excited. Personally, I’m celebrating the traditional way: with a big ol’ jar of Spitting Oozes, now available at the Marketplace (I hear that Spitting Ooze is the new official 11th Anniversary wedding present, replacing…steel? Nah, we still need steel. LOL).

If you’re a fan of any of the EverQuests, feel free to drop us a note; we’re always looking for input, information, corrections, criticisms, whatever!